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Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online – Answer the call to save Dracania and become Legend

Set off on an epic journey through a myriad of treacherous lands replete with perilous monsters and lucrative booty beyond imagination.

The once peaceful world of Dracania is now but a distant memory as darkness has cast a long shadow of evil and doom. Welcome to Drakensang Online – the online action-RPG where the land, now shrouded in evil and fear, is in dire straits – never has it needed a hero like it does now. Are you prepared to face the unspeakable evil of the Anderworld? Do you possess the determination to travel far and wide in Bigpoint’s hit browser game? Be either the Ranger, Dragonknight, Spellweaver or Dwarf and prepare yourself to traverse icy mountains, barren steppes, impossible dungeons and suffocating swamps, while summoning up the requisite courage to stand tall in the epic adventure of a life time? Can you answer the call to liberate the enslaved people of Dracania?

Character Classes

In Drakensang Online you can don the guise of one of four character classes as you begin a quest that can turn you and other players into a legend for the ages should you succeed, or make you a footnote of the Anderworld if you fail. Are you a warrior that thrives on seeing the fear in the whites of the eyes of your foes? Then the close-quarter brutality of the Dragonknight will suit your style just fine in your journey in Drakensang Online. Possessing a formidable array of deadly weapons, the Dragonknight relies on brute strength and steely determination to bring the most daunting of enemies to their knees. Perhaps you prefer wielding ancient sorcery to enchant, manipulate and destroy your foes. The Spellweaver stems from a long line of studious warriors that value knowledge as a path to victory by evoking a myriad of deadly spells and incantations. Should you, however, desire to take a path in tune with the awesome power of nature Drakensang Online lets heroes embark on their journey as the Ranger. Equipped with the endemic knowledge of the wilderness and able to harness its impressive wonders, the Ranger relies on cunning and speed to ambush foes. Last but not least: the Dwarven Steam Mechanicus. A stout and inventive fellow, the Steam Mechanicus knows one thing: machines. He is one of the greatest artificers of the known world and can build a gun from a pile of pipes and screws, or so the saying goes. Through his inventions, the Dwarves of the renowned Guild of Mechanics are feared in battle.

Massive Regions, Imposing Monsters, Fruitful Quests

The sheer scope of Bigpoint’s hit action role-playing game is evident from its very beginning. Vast regions each fraught with its own breed of danger, quests designed to challenge the most skilled of heroes and monsters that can freeze the very soul of the most hardened and wizened of warriors. Drakensang Online encompasses a wide variety of regions ranging from sludge filled swamps, dank, crystal encrusted caves and monumental ruins of fortresses to watery depths, icy mountains and outlying coastal regions. Despite the beauty and wonder abundant in each of these regions in Drakensang Online, the dangers lurking about at every turn, in dungeons, waiting to pounce, will send a curdle down the spine of any wise hero. To train your mind, body and soul for the long and winding road that lies ahead, Drakensang Online offers you a plethora of quests to hone your craft and fine tune your fighting might. Moreover, there is a host of PvP action to provide you ample opportunity to grow in the arena of your peers by doing battle against your fellow players should you so choose.

Forge Your Heroes, Your Way

While on your journey through Duria, you may groom and mold your hero to the hero you want it to be. In Drakensang Online, a customizable skill tree provides you with a deluge of incredible powers to wield as you see fit, while a host of armor and weaponry put you in charge of forging your own fearsome hero. Furthermore, there is a seemingly endless supply of items and goodies that will make your quest to save the peaceful people of Duria exciting and memorable.



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